There’s More Than 12 Steps to Recovery

There’s More Than 12 Steps to Recovery
There’s More Than 12 Steps to Recovery
paulina lopez

I was a good girl for the most part except in High School when I met a bad boy who I unfortunately learned some bad habits from. A few years later after the break up is when things went downhill. I felt lost & confused in my early 20s.

I’d wonder what I was going to do with my life which caused major anxiety that led me to taking pain pills to relieve the anxiety & sadness in my life.

Let me tell you it is better not to go down that dark lonely road but if you have, you can use it to your advantage to learn many things and to help others. It teaches you patience when you can’t get your drink or drug of choice, it teaches you that time goes by and the worst thing you feared happens and nothing happens, and that there is more happiness in giving than receiving because it gives meaning and purpose to your life.

Open up this book to begin healing yourself as a whole from your brain, mind, body, & spirit. No one can do it alone so take all the advice in this book from someone who was there and did the research to back it up.

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