The Psychology of Motivation …

The Psychology of Motivation …
The Psychology of Motivation …
Richard Brown

Do you usually feel demotivated to pursue your dreams? Do you lack the drive to push through difficult situations? Are you ready to learn ways and tips to quickly achieve your goals? Or will you like to live an inspiring life worth emulating? Then, this is the right book for you.

The fact remains that there is something we are all looking forward to achieving, but not able to achieve yet, due to not having a full grasp of the psychology behind motivation. Motivation can come in different forms, and it has been thoroughly examined and discussed in this book.

Identifying possible constraints preventing you to become motivated— is one— among other solutions proffered in helping you to disrupt the barriers standing between you and your goals. You will no longer have to waste your time and energy trying to address a situation that does not contribute to your ultimate goal of leading a successful life.

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The goal of this book is straightforward. You will be offered strategies, steps, and scientific approaches to help you become motivated to achieve and attain whatever height you desire in life.

Among many other things, this book will teach you:

Training Your Sub-conscious to Achieve What You Want
Becoming Successful with the 80/20 Principle
Adopting of Anti-procrastination Strategies
The Theory of Constraint
How to Quickly Adapt to Change
Overcoming Your Fear Of Failure
Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs
Mastering Your Mind
The Psychology of Motivation to Living a Successful Life contains actionable steps that will have a positive, and immediate long-lasting impact on your life if you stay consistent and adhere to the instructions therein.

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