A Practical Guide to Parenting Pre-Teens (Tweens)

Parenting Tweens Kindle cover
A Practical Guide to Parenting Pre-Teens (Tweens)
Suzi Livingstone

Full Title: A Practical Guide to Parenting Pre-Teens (Tweens): Understanding your preteens behavior and building strong relationships with them and preparing you both for the teenage years

Don’t we wish that there was a D-I-Y manual that came with parenting? As most parents know, there is no self-help book, course, or scientific journal that is able to provide all the tips, pointers & wisdom on how to raise a child without a hitch! For generations, it has been the task of parents everywhere to raise their child on a trial-and-error basis, with fingers crossed that the kids turn out okay. This book is a basic, layman’s attempt to provide aid in understanding their behaviour, building strong relationships & preparing you both for teenage years !

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